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The following text is the current introduction to the bibliography and is only included to indicate the scope of the project. Please forward comments, suggestions, criticisms or corrections to us.


The following work represents a compilation from many sources and is primarily directed at collectors and students of numismatics - although it is hoped that historians and other people interested in Canada's history and heritage may find this text useful as well.

The earliest bibliography of Canadian numismatics was prepared by Fred Bowman and was published serially in the Bulletin of the Canadian Numismatic Association in the late 1950s. Bowman's work was updated by Robert Willey in 1977 and was published serially in the Journal of the Canadian Numismatic Association. Modern numismatists interested in all aspects of Canadian numismatics owe a great debt to both of these gentlemen for their monumental works and these two bibliographies certainly provided a very strong foundation on which to build the current listing. This draft not only updates these two previous works but it also expands upon them.

To begin with, I would also like to acknowledge several other sources that were instrumental in compiling this document. John Adams' two volume set 'United States Numismatic Literature (19th and 20th Century Numismatic Auction Catalogues)' is an essential reference for those interested in American numismatic auction sales of the 19th century and the early-to-mid 20th century and was extremely useful in identifying American sales containing significant Canadian material. Charles Davis' text 'American Numismatic Literature: An Annotated Survey' was vital for the annotated comments which accompanied each of the entries and helped me to identify American publications which were relevant to this project. Ray Malone's 'Library of Numismatic Auction Catalogues Relating to the Historical Coinages of Canada …' is the finest publication written on American and Canadian auction catalogues and fixed-price lists containing significant pre-confederation coins and/or tokens. Each of the aforementioned texts has been used substantially. References have been made for those entries that appear in either Adams' or Davis' texts (i.e. 'Adams no.' or 'Davis no.'). Malone's draft was used primarily to identify key lots in particular sales - especially those which I have not seen personally. Anyone who is seriously interested in Canadian numismatics should own copies of all three of these texts. Hopefully Ray Malone's book will be published in the near future so that it will be available to those who may be interested.

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