Canadian Paper Money Society

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The aims and objectives of the Society are:
CPMS Information and resources:

Official Journal

The Society publishes an Annual Journal and four newsletters to record particulars of its affairs, publish papers on banknote and related studies by members and others and articles on various subjects in which the Society has an interest.  The Journal and Newsletter contain a wealth of information about paper money and particularly note-issuing banks.  Much of what has been published to date has been derived from original unpublished research.

The Society published an index for the Journal, prepared by Past President Robert J. Graham of Pembroke, Ontario, covering the thirty years from 1965 to 1994.  In its 46 pages, it includes alphabetically, an index of both subjects and authors, and a very helpful chronology of the Journal issues by volume number and the page ranges.  It is a very useful key to the large quantity of material contained in this important publication, and is available to CPMS members at $10.00 and non-members at $15.00, postage and shipping included.

Services & Facilities

Members of the Society have complete access to the comprehensive library of the Canadian Numismatic Association including the Audio-Visual library, both of which cover a large number of numismatic topics including paper money.  The Society furnishes information to members on new issues, and is a clearing house for the exchange of information and material between members, including prices realized at public sales of bank notes and related material.


The Society's membership has a broad geographic distribution in Canada and the United States, and a number of countries overseas.  On the membership roll are found archivists, historians, researchers, curators, students and collectors.


To further its educational objectives, and to encourage writing and exhibiting, the Society gives an annual Literary Award plus an award for the best Canadian paper money display at the annual convention of Canada's national numismatic organization, the Canadian Numismatic Association.  Additional support is given throughout the year at other coin shows and numismatic gatherings.

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